Aims & Undertakings
As creator of the Max-Dry moisture control system for bagpipes with zipper bags of various types, we are making it directly available to pipers worldwide through this website.
You can also purchase the Max-Dry MCS on Ebay and through a number of local distributors.
We understand the problems that excessive unabsorbed moisture presents to drone and chanter reeds, particularly in damp / cold climates.  We believe the Max-Dry system provides certain advantages over other systems.
Our aim is always to provide consistently high quality product to our customers.
We aim to despatch your Max-Dry system within 24 hours of order receipt.
We will provide a refund to any customer who is not  satisfied with our product.  Return the system to us and you will be refunded without quibble.
We reserve the right to continuously develop the Max-Dry system and to introduce other products to the marketplace.
Max-Dry Systems
October 2015