Introducing the Max-Dry bagpipe moisture control system
Looking for a low-cost, effective, reliable and user-friendly moisture control system for your bagpipes ? - then this is for you.
The Max-Dry moisture control system has been developed to make the piper’s life easier.
This simple-to-use, regenerable, silica gel-based, system will keep your reeds dry and in good working order - and for a modest price.
The key features of the Max-Dry cartridge-based moisture control system are as follows:
  •  An effective system that allows extended playing time without water-logged reeds spoiling the performance.
  •  Simple and easy to install in all pipe bags with internal (zip) access.
  •  A single connection to the blowpipe stock is all that is required.
  •  Light and unobtrusive in the bag – you won’t notice it while playing.
  •  Low airflow resistance that doesn’t require high blowing effort and doesn’t affect starting and stopping.
  •  Regeneration of saturated beads is very easy - they remain in their self-contained cartridges during heating.
  •  Use of long-life desiccant beads that retain their effectiveness and can be regenerated many times over.
Max-Dry :  £25.00  (British Pounds)
Postage:  UK/Republic of Ireland:  £0.00
Postage:  Elsewhere Worldwide:   £7.00
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